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Borgean works

No, no, nothing to do with Jorge Luís Borges and his "O Aleph". However , Borges da Costa had its own alephs in each fourth corridor. From 1980 to 1998, the Borges da Costa Student Residence was the shelter, the home, the place to take place for hundreds of spirits that took root in it. For us, those who came from far away, "the house, more than the house, was a case, a cocoon and wings" (adaptation of the memory of original verses by Raimundo Nonato, written on a wall at Borges).

"From 9 to 11 years old, I was already playing as an apprentice drawing with the fascicles of the former Instituto Universal Brasileiro (distance learning). At 14 years old, the end of my 2nd life cycle, in the Afrorreferencial Territory in Morrinhos neighborhood (Montes Claros – MG ), I started autonomously studying oil painting on an easel. At the end of my 3rd life cycle, in the afro backyard of the Borges da Costa Student House at UFMG (Borges da Costa), I started in co-author mural paintings with the artists Fred Dutts (Philosophy/UFMG) and Bernardo Gouveia (Fine Arts/UFMG; Visual Arts/UEMG).

At 22, at the beginning of my 4th life cycle, the violent persecution and our expulsion from Borges da Costa (in July 1998 with 170 police officers, 70 dogs and a helicopter thrown against 13 residents) led me to my last aesthetic-political act at UFMG, the co-authored work Baião de Dor (1995 – 1998). This was carried out in co-authorship with students Júlio Mangia Fellisale, Sérgio Danilo Miranda, Alex Lombello and Alexa Fabrino Taves on the internal walls of the Centro Acadêmico de História. In the early 2000s, it was listed by the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences at UFMG (FAFICH) as a historical-cultural heritage of that academic unit".

(Source: Ventura, 2021, in press).

Travessia - manhã na Borges da Costa (2)
Borges da Costa - Crossing.
Oil on Canvas, 1995,
Belo Horizonte
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The works exhibited here were born in acts of dedication to the inspirations-lives, to windows, corridors, cats, loves, odors, flavors and pains that I experienced at the Borges da Costa Student House (July 1994 to July 1998).

We started our walk with the series Facades, arches and windows.

Facades, arches and windows
Borges da Costa, 1980 - 1998

Borges da Costa, arrival gate.

Nanjing/Acrylic on paper, 1999,

Belo Horizonte


Artist's collection.

Borges da Costa - Arco dos tanques, 1998

Tank arches.

Ink on fabric, 1998,

Belo Horizonte


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Borges da Costa - Arcos dos Tanques, 199

Tank arches, detail.

Ink on fabric, 1999,

Belo Horizonte


Artist's collection.

Borges da costa, arcos e janelas - 1996.

Arches and windows.

Pencil and charcoal on paper Canson, 1996,

Belo Horizonte.


Available in store .

Sentinela - 1996

Sentinel - 1996

Charcoal and pencil on Canson paper, 1996, Belo Horizonte


Available in store .

A minha janela num dia ébrio

My windows in an October.

Blood on Canson paper, 1996,

Belo Horizonte


Available in store.

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