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Training Works

The educational works that I choose to exhibit here are small samples representing technical studies experienced in the Decoration courses at the Lorenzo Fernandes State Conservatory of Music (CEMLF), in Montes Claros; and Visual Arts at the Alberto da Veiga Guignard School, in Belo Horizonte. They certainly carry some aesthetic value, but they are more validated by their affections.
The three works that open this room are part of technical drawing studies at CEMLF.

The first and second drawings are imaginary landscapes born from the observation of houses in the historic center of Montes Claros and from photographs of the place in other times.

Estudo - Pontilhismo - Montes Claros Ima
Montes Claros, imaginary landscape - Pointillism.
Pencil on paper Canson, 1993,
Montes Claros
Artist's Collection.
Montes Claros Notivaga - paisagem  imagi
Montes Claros Notivaga, an imaginary landscape.
Ink ink/pen on Canson paper, 1993,
Montes Claros
Artist's Collection.

The third drawing was born from the pictographic trips he made in the 1990s. They were pictographic trips with photographs from the iconographic collection assembled between the 1950s and 1990s by Waldemar Ventura. For the following study I used a small photo of about 5CMX8CM, original from the 1970s.

There is a story about the image that, if true, makes us happy:

It is said that the alligator, a yellow grouse, was captured alive, stunned. And that, out of such admiration for the size of the reptile and the satisfaction of posing each one with the most heroic air, the alligator was released.” A possible fact in those tired times in the Tamanduá lagoon (Porteirinha/MG).

Alligator Hunters - Anteater, 1960s.
Ink ink/pen on Canson paper, 1993,
Montes Claros
Artist's Collection.
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