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Human Landscapes

Mona india - destalhe2.jpeg

Here, works composed in different techniques and supports are open to view.

Even if, in the end, they result in studies for other aesthetic ramifications, studies for other drawings, paintings or any other artistic creation, they have their own end in themselves: to be content with doing.

To open this room, the hybrid work in oil pastel and other graphic resources in the portrait Vovó Ana, Mona Indo-baiana. It is a study based on a 3X4 photograph, one of the rare images of this character born in an uncertain year, in a village in the backlands of Bahia in the 19th century.

Paisagens humanas, vovó Ana - Pastel ole
Grandma Ana, Mona Indo-Bahiana
Oily Pastel/Pencil on Paper, 1994,
Montes Claros
24CM X 18CM.
Available at the auction yard.
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