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Being-so, people, things and places

Wagner Ventura, initial appraisal

"In this virtual exhibition ' Being So, people, things and places' , Wagner Ventura introduces us to a little of his spirituality, personality, and ancestry. Being-So that, according to him, is a cosmos of sensations, multicolored textures.

Wagner Ventura is a Visual Artist from Alberto da Veiga Guignard School (UEMG) and Borges da Costa Student Housing (UFMG), graduated in History from UFMG, Master in Brazilian Education from UFC, researcher affiliated with the Brazilian Association of Black Researchers and the Núcleo de UFC Africanities.

'The People, Things and Places series is a continuous aesthetic dialogue that I establish with people, the times-places of itineraries through the urban multiverses of Gerais. As the design Dona Divina do Matição, which at the same time was a study work for a panel painting, carried out in the Mato do Tição community in Jaboticatubas, it is an autonomous work, a graphic writing carried out in conversations with the inspiring character of the drawing. And I have to say that characters, to my delusions, aren't just people.

The Human Landscapes – Ser-Tão Series are watery, watercolors and mixed techniques, whose works are fluency of the cosmos-sensations that provoked the meeting of my life with each person-place of inspiration, from the ravines of São Romão to the small towns in the backlands of the varzelândias. The sets of traces and stains, of soaked, dry and dusty papers, my coals and my watery ones are born in direct interaction with beings, people, animals, plants, objects and little things of life. From these works derive a series of panels painted on murals in Montes Claros, Belo Horizonte, Mato do Tição (municipality of Jaboticatubas – MG) and Fortaleza. Some paintings on walls, mostly fabric paintings'".

Source: Wagner Ventura (Virtual Exhibition | Ser-Tão, people, things and places - Mostra Multimulti Interações/UFOP. Available at:

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