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I am grateful for you to visit our home, our place of being-being-expressing in the cosmos. Ventura Afro Artes is more than our virtual gallery, it is a place where people and places, feelings and sensations meet.

A house of aesthetic interactions and entanglements whose steps, initials of entry, are guided by my art, but it hosts and shows other works-creations-people, writings-thoughts-philosophies and stories that are not mine, are ours. Our writings by blacks and blacks, or as we like, of Afro-Brazilians.

The thematic virtual exhibitions present collections of artistic works that have been fruitful in 29 years of collecting and cultivating in the fertile floors of the paths I traveled, from the backlands of Gerais to its current stop in my afro-referential backyard. Small piece of ground embedded in the small Curió (limits of the municipalities of Fortaleza and Eusébio, in Ceará ) .

Almost all of the works on display can be purchased at our shop or at Atelier Wagner Ventura (Exhibitions open to the public after the COVID-19 pandemic - until then, stay at home, follow the security measures and join us virtually) .

In addition to original works, our house also offers reproductions of works in sublimation.

So we meet here, a smell of

Wagner Ventura and his family-community. Axe.

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